By The Time I’m Old I Want…

We all have ideas about what future technologies might look like, from flying cars to holodecks or data storage in our brains, but those things sound most appealing to the versions of ourselves we know today.

For instance, today I would love to be able to upload information into my brain and access it automatically as if it were a memory, or just something I know. This would be like having total recall, or a photographic memory. The reason I would like this right now is that I am in school, and I’m about to enter the workforce in a major way. It might not give me an advantage if everyone else has this technology too, but it would make me very effective. Plus, it would mean never forgetting all the experiences I am yet to experience.

These technologies won’t be around for a long time though. They won’t be common until The Future, when I am most likely to be a very old man.

So what does Old Matt want in The Future?

  • A media display that knows when I’ve fallen asleep and pauses itself
  • An informational interface that doesn’t require good eyesight or hearing, but allows me to just know what is being presented to me
  • High fidelity conversion of all old media, so I can watch my antique DVDs and don’t need to spend hours scanning paper things
  • Teleporters or Farcasters of course
  • A resort on the moon, with 1/6 the gravity to give my aching joints a break
  • Robots of all kinds for all kinds of jobs (or gorillas that fulfill the same functions)
  • Clean air, Clean water, Healthy food
  • Respectful youngins
  • Longer life

I suppose this is a different sort of bucket list. What would you like to have when you’re 120 years old?

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  1. Oooh, good job!
    I think I would like a titanium skeleton replacement. That’s would be neato. Otherwise, I like your list!

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