November 19, 2009 Meeting recap

The CUI Symposium, Designing Transit Cities, was very interesting, but I can’t say it inspired much of the conversation at the Future Meeting that took place directly afterward. Most of the attendees were students from Ryerson University’s School of Urban and Regional Planning and we’ve all had a pretty intense semester so far (and it will only get more tense as we proceed). So we decided to limit the amount of planning talk for our sake and for the sake of my animator friend who was there.

We opened predictions from March and April, 2009. This was because we haven’t been able to successfully schedule a future meeting for some months. These predictions should have been opened in September and October. The predictions to be opened in November and December will be opened next month.

We decided that rather than judge the predictions on their accuracy within the time frame written on the envelope we would judge them as being correct if they came true before the envelope was opened. For instance, in March if someone had predicted something that did not happen before September, but did happen before November 19th, we would count that as correct because we did not open the envelope until November 19th, even though it would have been incorrect if it had been read in September.

The predictions we opened were very interesting. Some notable correct predictions were Murray’s assertion that Toronto would win the PAN AM Games, which was fairly exciting. And Vivian predicted that Ford would increase production, which they did, spurred on by the cash for clunkers program. Irem predicted with 75% accuracy that I would have a goatee (in fact I currently have a mustache due to my participation in Movember. A mustache would normally count for only 50% of a goatee except for the extreme unlikeliness that I would have either form of facial hair).

We also had some incorrect predictions that were very telling of our mindsets back in March/April. I look forward to the December meeting. We’ll be opening predictions from May and June, and we will be making predictions for June, 2010. We’ll also be introducing a bright blue envelope which will remain sealed for 1 full year.

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