The US Space Program is Dead! Long live the US Space Program!

"Go ahead Ralph, you haven't got the BUDGET!"

Obama has decided that NASA shouldn’t spend any more money on Constellation, the project that would have sent humans back to the moon. But apparently he’s also increasing NASA’s budget by $6 billion over 5 years to research new space technologies and expand our robotic exploration into space.

The range of perspectives on this news is pretty interesting. Here’s a selection:

From io9

Again, notice that a lot of this money is going into innovation and funding for the basic sciences that will spawn crazy new technologies for everything from space habitats to terraforming. The idea is to pump money into research so that the next time humans explore space we’ll know a hell of a lot more about it and can establish viable communities in orbit, on the Moon, or on other planets.

From World War 4 Report

It is unclear if Obama is actually anticipating a private sector role for lunar colonization. We are heartened—especially in the wake of October’s lunar bombardment (MSNBC, Oct. 9)—that the Moon may be safe from imperialist aggression for a few more decades, at least.

Unfortunately, the anti-war left, which vigorously opposes the US bombing of foreign countries on Earth, has been blithely unconcerned with this unprovoked aggression against the Moon. (No, we aren’t being sarcastic.) Worse yet, the few voices that have been raised in opposition to this reckless adventurism are from certified wackjobs who are only discrediting the case against lunar bombardments and colonization.

From Conservative Blog Watch

It’s a wonderful idea [privatisation of the space program], and I couldn’t agree more: If we actually give a green light to private space exploration — and a modest guaranteed market by renting space for our astronauts to fly on private launches — then the Moon will come soon enough: Thar’s gold in them thar craters! (Along with every other element we could possibly need to sustain an industry, and even extract breathable oxygen and create potable water for “Lunatic” colonists.)

More than half a century between Moon landings is unconscionable. Clearly, the big-government approach to space exploration, industrialization, and colonization is a complete flop… as is the big-government approach to virtually everything, with the possible exception of national defense and interstate highways.

It’s a little odd that such a lover of big-government Obamunism and nationalization of private resources would suddenly go all capitalist over the space program; I worry that this will just turn out to be more empty rhetoric.

From Luna C/I: Moon Colonization and Integration

There is a lot of ‘doom and gloom’ out there about how there won’t be humans on the Moon anytime soon, which is a false assertion—the Chinese program is full-steam-ahead, and if private space can be trusted with the ISS contracts at this early stage, then they’re on a course to be putting men on the Moon before long; perhaps even before NASA would have landed men anyways.

We’ve begun collecting long range predictions at our meetings. In addition to our usual 6 month predictions, in December we made predictions to be opened in 1 year, and all this year we will be making predictions to be opened in 2015.

I, for one, am very interested in the future of space exploration, and can’t wait to see what predictions we make based on these new developments.

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  1. Yes, the Americans have abandoned exploration for research. But they had better wake up, if the Chinese get there first, with there own programs, the US and Europe may lose space altogether. China is not doing this just for national pride. They are not a benevolent Regime. They realise that control of space, eventually will lead to vast mineral and industrial potential. Not to mention the limitless military opportunities. The world is going to get a lot colder unless the US and Europe wake up. But this is not going to happen while they rely on China to keep finance their ever expanding benefit systems. Learn Mandarin people.

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