Correct Predictions

Here we present predictions that have been verified through a process of very open-minded research. If you have information that proves or disproves any of these predictions we would appreciate your feedback. Thank you.


As Predicted on April 21, 2010 (Opened January 21, 2017)

As Predicted on February 12, 2010 (Opened January 21, 2017)

As Predicted on December 30, 2009 (Opened January 21, 2017)

As Predicted on November 19, 2009 (Opened June, 2010) – __% Accuracy

  • Netbooks (those tiny laptops) will only become more popular
  • A terrorist incident in America?
  • Murray is still in TORONTO
  • 3-D stereoscopic movies turn out to be crap and (illegible)
  • “Bright City Consulting” [school group project] will get a B+
  • Health Care reform will actually be implemented during Obama’s Term
  • Michi will get a poor mark in law. Sad but true
  • [Toronto Mayor] David Miller will become more popular than ever but will not run for reelection. He will endorse another candidate but they will not have the same support [half true]
  • The TTC will need to cut service after all
  • Iran will reject the next American diplomatic overture. Obviously.
  • This Future Meeting is a repeat venue
  • Murray will still feel the same about tipping
  • Matt will have a job lined up before this is read
  • Space travel [still] not practical
  • Philip has a GF
  • Someone will embarrass themselves TERRIBLY during studio presentations [in school]

As Predicted on Septemer 17, 2009 (Opened April 21, 2010) – 38% Accuracy

  • 2012 -> Kaboom!! (the film 2012, starring John Cusak was a “bomb”)
  • Salsbury (sic) Steak becomes a hot menu item in restaurants (The Toronto restaurant Grace Upstairs began its “TV Dinners” around Thanksgiving 2009)
  • Future meetings will be just as fun and interesting
  • Alex will draw predictions (Alex P. likes to draw on the prediction slips. He continues to do so)
  • 10+ in Future meeting attendance tonight (there were 10 or more people at the meeting when we read this prediction)
  • “Avatar” by James Cameron will be a box office success but critical misfire
  • The leafs are still really bad. Lower half of our division. <also includes a drawing of a man giving another man a shoulder massage. The recipient of the massage says, “I love you Mr. Harper” and the masseuse replies, “mmm”.>
  • Iran and America will continue the standoff but will not go to war.
  • Obama will not be assassinated by gun-toting health-care hating people
  • David Miller will not run for re-election (just 9 days later Toronto Mayor David Miller announced he would not seek re-election in 2010!)

As Predicted on August 19th, 2009 (Opened January, 2010) – 40% Accuracy

  • Facebook will change its face (they updated their look)
  • 2 Ryerson planning students will “fall in love” in Chicago, despite the string of failed romances in our program
  • The LHC will be back up and running
  • Phil E. will date a girl. She will be good
  • Ryan S. will be with beard
  • The divide between Republicans and Democrats will widen; the sides will be irreconcilable
  • The Jonas Brothers will continue to suck
  • The LHC will come back online. The results will take years to figure out
  • Alex P. will have the same glasses
  • Patrick Swayze will have died
  • Vivian H. will read this prediction
  • The winter will be non-eventful (mild temperatures in Toronto)

As Predicted on July 9, 2009 (Opened December, 2009) – 30% Accuracy

  • Matt [A.] will have NOT completed any novels or serious short stories – Matt A.
  • By January, 2010 Patrick Swayze will have passed on – Murray W.
  • By January, 2010 we will be no closer to the hoverboard (back to the future reference) – Murray W.

As Predicted on May 27, 2009 (Opened November, 2009) – 50% Accuracy

  • Our ability to describe objects will diminish as our memory decreases and our brains become lazy
  • The price of TTC Passes will increase [fare increase had been announced, although it would not go into effect until the new year]
  • Swine fly will turn out to be only slightly worse than regular flu
  • I will get married – Caroline N., nee C.
  • Transformers 2 will suck, but will make a lot of money

As Predicted on April 21, 2009 (opened November 19, 2009) – 28.57% Accuracy

  • Toronto will win the PAN AM Games – Murray W.
  • Karen won’t be here but she says, “Hello” (from the past)
  • There will be a new Teenwolf (Matt: There are no plans that I can tell to revive the Michael J. Fox franchise, but we are seeing a lot more teenaged werewolves in movie these days)
  • A major male actor will pass away: Jack Nicholson / Robert DeNiro / Al Pacino or somebody of that callibre (sic) (Matt: Some people might consider Patrick Swayze to be that calibre of actor)
  • Obama will do something to draw the ire of everyone. BUT he will win back the people. (Matt: He has certainly drawn the ire of a lot of people)
  • Qantas. Still in Business.
  • Not 1 RAPS (Ryerson Association of Planning Students) scandal

As Predicted on March 20, 2009 (opened November 19, 2009) – 18.42% Accuracy

  • In the future… Matt (A.) will have a goatee (Matt: We decided this was 75% correct because of the mustache I have grown for Movember)
  • Michael Jackson will go on tour, he will visit Toronto + Ruth (T.) will cry (Matt: Michael Jackson died, but a film has been distributed featuring video of rehearsals of his planned tour. This film screened in Toronto)
  • Ruth (T.) will be social chair (of the Ryerson Association of Planning Students) (Matt: She shares the position with Joey S.)
  • Chrysler is out. Ford increases production (Matt: Ford Increases Production)
  • Ryan (picture) no beard
  • A rich lady will divorce her rich husband and demand more money per week than 30 people earn per year (Matt: Not confirmed, but pretty likely)
  • There will be a new popular acronym (Matt: FML)

As Predicted on February 12, 2009 (Opened August, 2009) – 75% Accuracy

  • Vivian H., in a desperate but justified rage, quits her job! Then 10 seconds later, she realizes that quitting isn’t a big deal and wonders why she didn’t quit earlier. – Jay H.
  • Still a recession. “Stimulus” packages didn’t do very much. – Jay H.
  • [The name “Ryan” written with an arrow pointing at a drawing of Dr. Doom]. (Matt: Alex made a Dr. Doom mask and gave Ryan an “Autographed” photo).
  • Homeopathy will continue to fool hippies. Hippies will die from illness. – R.S.
  • People will care less about spelling and grammar mistakes – Sean L.
  • Scotch will age – Rene B.
  • The end of grammar
  • Matt will have fewer pens – Rene B.
  • Green Day’s new album will be horrible – Ruth T
  • Bailout will fail and the dollar will be worthless
  • Cars that people don’t want will be recycled – Rene (Matt: Cash for Clunkers program)
  • More planes will fall from the sky. – Ruth T.

As Predicted on January 21, 2009 (Opened July, 2009) – 40% Accuracy

  • GM will go brankrupt – Rene B.
  • Jack Layton will try to take on an Obama persona to take over the coalition, but it won’t work. (Matt: they did try to compare him to Obama, but the coalition fell apart before it really got started).
  • People will criticize Obama for lack of change
  • Obama will have changed America for the better
  • Angela B. will move to a new house

As Predicted on December 17, 2008 (opened in June, 2009) – 36% Accuracy

  • By June, 2009 Barack Obama will still be alive!
  • There will be a new ipod
  • By June, 2009 cell phones while driving will be banned in Canada
  • Hopefully there will still be snow and the economic crisis will be slowly resolving itself. (Matt: 1/2 correct, the economy is getting better)
  • By june, 2009 Michael Jackson will be in jail. (Matt: 1/2 correct — he is no longer free, he is dead.)
  • Things seemed okay, then were worse.
  • By June, 2009 not much will have changed. (but Gordon Brown and Stephen Harper will no longer be Prime Ministers). (Matt: 1/2 correct, not much has changed.)
  • You will regret putting yourself on Facebook because the info will be stolen. (Matt: stolen as in taken without reparation)
  • The Auto sector will be made much smaller.
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