Unverified Predictions

Many of the predictions we make are difficult or impossible to verify with our meager resources. Please have a look and see if you can prove or disprove any of these predictions. Enter your proof in the comments below. Thank you.

As Predicted on November 19, 2009 (Opened June, 2010)

  • Google Chrome will top 10% Market Share
  • Online applications like Google Docs will be much more popular
  • It will be discovered that coughing into your sleeve is no more effective at preventing the spread of disease.
  • The Gerrard East LRT will be behind schedule
  • Traffic tickets [in the City of Toronto] will no longer go to court

As Predicted on September 17, 2009 (Opened April 21, 2010)

  • The “internet bill” created in the USA will not be passed
  • The video game industry starts to suffer like the movie industry. Remakes of older games fail
  • Ryan and Beth will have another crazy scheme
  • Coldplay will not be any more popular

As Predicted on August 19, 2009 (Opened January, 2010)

  • Animals thought previously extinct will be “rediscovered”
  • A new bifocal technology will be invented… something to do with polarization?
  • A wristwatch will be made that displays the time with subtle changes of colour
  • There will be an “Indian Summer”
  • Hallowe’en (2009, in Toronto) will be hot hot hot
  • The Michael Jackson film, “This is it” will be an underwhelming success

As Predicted on July 9, 2009 (Opened December, 2009)

  • Alex’s cat scratch will only be a faint, cool looking scar by January
  • By January 2010, “2001 Audio/Video” will have changed their name
  • Someone is going to be arrested for a porn-related iphone app
  • The ShamWOW guy is going to do a guest cameo in a teen movie
  • Artificial sperm (engineered from stem cells) will not fertilize eggs
  • By October, 2009 Canadian dollar will be at parity with U.S. dollar again

As Predicted on April 21, 2009 (Opened October, 2009)

  • Greg will win – Matt
  • Shopping malls with cheap space used by micro-internet type businesses that don’t need walk-in business – Matt
  • In the future they will invent a pill to combat morning breath that you can take before bed – Vivian H.
  • Iran will reject Obama’s peace overtures
  • Karen will have more celebrity friends

As Predicted on May 27, 2009 (Opened November, 2009)

  • A tomato will come with my damn club sandwich – Matt Noakes
  • Pittsburgh will become better
  • Adam Vaughan will lose [no indication of what, dispute or competition was in question]
  • Jason will discover a fetish for dried meat
  • There will be a cold pizza franchise – Matt Alexander

As Predicted on March 20, 2009 (Opened September, 2009)

  • Ruth will know who Guy Pearce is
  • Counterfeit sunglasses from China end up causing eye damage – Vivian H.
  • A mouse will be found in a bottled beer in the U.S. It will be a big deal for a week or two. – Vivian H.
  • York University enrollment at an all time low. They start offering incentive like free res for first year – Vivian
  • Chris Martin will beat up a fan at a Coldplay concert
  • A new hand-held music device will be invented, allowing the user to create his/her own mash-ups, remixes, etc. [Matt: is there an app for that?]
  • An image of Jesus will appear on a cracker!! – R.S.
  • A building will be destroyed in downtown Hamilton. It may just collapse, burn down or explode. No one will care much – M. Alexander
  • Chrysler is out. Ford increases production.

As Predicted on February 13, 2009 (Opened August, 2009)

  • Zimbabwe falling apart
  • The Jonas Brothers will have sex… with each other – Ruth T.
  • I will see Prince William’s penis a second time – Caligula
  • Cow urine will take off as the best selling drink in India
  • Gin + Tonic will be almost as popular as wine. Mixed drinks in general be more accepting – Sean L.
  • Big Cats will become a new fad — in fact more breeds of cats will be available – Laurel
  • I will continue to be psychic – Ruth T.
  • There will be a tragic fire in a Toronto nightclub. There will be death. No idea how much – Matt Alexander
  • I will still not have a phone – Caligula
  • What about Africa? Is the rest of the world turning their back?
  • Designer baseball cap will sell at auction for a record high – Vivian H.
  • Obama still in favour? I say thee nay
  • Big Cats will roam Ontario in greater numbers than at present – Rene B.
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